In April 2016, the Government of Kosovo has approved the Regulation on Minimum Standards for Public Consultation, and the same entered into force on 1 January 2017. This Regulation was developed based on the KCSF proposal in the Study “Incomplete Chain” from the 2015 and along continued contribution within working group for drafting the Regulation. Public consultation, as a process, has occurred before the adoption and entry into force of the Regulation. However, it was not regular and not all the stages of the consultation process were implemented.

Unlike previous practice, this Regulation obliges the Government to start the public consultation process from the stage of drafting the agenda, respectively preparing the work plans of the respective ministries, while the first discussions with foreign parties are still to be done started writing draft laws or policies. Since initial projects have been advanced and commented by other governmental bodies, the process continues with a round of broad public consultation, which should enable citizens, civil society organizations, businesses or other interest groups to give their written comments. Finally, the proposing institution should respond to all those who have provided comments, including providing reasons for accepting or failing to comment. The minimum deadlines for all these actions, as well as the content of meetings and consultation documents, determine the appropriate expectations of both parties.

Implementation of those standards is enabled by creating an Online Platform for public consultation, where different government units can publish all documents open for public consultation, while interested public can directly comment on the relevant documents.

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