Cooperation Mechanisms and Structure between EU Institutions - Civil Society

European communication from 2009 “Kosovo – fulfilling its European perspective” proposed an intensified political dialogue called Stabilization-Association process dialogue (SApD). This dialogue is held at both the political and technical (sectorial) level. The main purpose of political and technical meetings within the Stabilization-Association process dialogue is following and monitoring reforms in Kosovo as well the process of approximation with the EU. Within the political dialogue, CSOs are invited every year to a meeting which is held one day before the plenary session of the SApD where they have the opportunity to give their assessments and present their concerns on the latest developments, whereas the EC representatives raise these questions and issues at the official plenary meeting between the EC and Kosovar authorities.

At the technical level, there are seven sectorial meetings between Kosovar authorities and representatives of the European Commission. Since 2011 CSOs are invited to contribute with their expertise depending on the field discussed in special sectorial meetings between the EC and civil society.

Another mechanism for cooperation is the contribution of the CSOs on the Progress Report for Kosovo. Since 2005, the EC regularly monitors progress achieved in Kosovo through annual progress reports. The Progress Report briefly describes the relations between Kosovo and EU as well as assesses achievements based on the three Copenhagen criteria, the political, economic and European standards.

EU Office in Kosovo invites Kosovo CSOs annually to give their contribution on various fields which are covered by the Progress Report so that they may contribute in presenting a realistic review of the progress and challenges of the country.

Since last year, Kosovo CSOs also contribute in programming and determining priorities within the financial assistance as well as other key documents that aim to support the civil society within the enlargement agenda.