Legal framework – government level

Rules of Procedure for the Government of Kosovo provide a good legal basis for the inclusion of the civil society in drafting policies and laws. There are four articles within these rules of procedure that ensure the participation of the civil society, manner of inclusion and time periods. Article 32 of the Rules of procedure states that the originating body is obliged to publish the contents of its proposal for public comments and shall specifically seek the comments of NGOs. According to Rules of Procedure, Article 39 – the originating body, among others, conducts consultations with the public; Article 69 – specifies that the government cooperates with NGOs, debates on various issues and invites representatives of the civil society to attend the meetings of working bodies of the Government; whereas according to article 70 the Government shall reply to all questions, initiatives, proposals as well as petitions that are addressed to the Prime Minister’s Office, to the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.

Also, in September of 2011, the Prime Minister’s Office drafted the Manual on Public Consultations, based on Article 32, item 4 of the Rules of Procedure of the Government – the Consultation Process shall be conducted in accordance with an instruction issued by the Secretary as per the proposal of the Legal Office.