The Center aims to create a space that will be directly in function for the further development of the civil society sector through the promotion and support of the organization and good governance of CSOs, collecting, structuring and dissemination of information on the latest developments  in civil society sector, capacity building of CSOs and increasing the level of co-operation between CSOs, public authorities and donors.

Main areas covered by the Center
Based on the experience of the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation in development of the civil society sector and the European integration process, the main areas that will be covered by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation Center are:

Legislation for Civil Society

  • Fundamental principles of non-profit right;
  • Understanding and implementing the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs;
  • Concept of Public Benefit Status and its implementation in Kosovo;
  • The basic fiscal framework for the CSOs activity.

The internal governance of civil society organizations

  • Fundamental principles of good internal governance;
  • Decision-making and management bodies and structures and their functioning;
  • CSO internal documents (statute, regulations on functioning, etc.);
  • Systems and strategies of transparency and accountability.

Civic participation in decision-making

  • Basic principles of civic participation in decision-making;
  • The role of civil society in drafting and implementing policies;
  • Levels and ways of participating in decision-making;
  • Legal Framework for civic participation in Kosovo;
  • Methods and practices of the public consultation process;
  • Level and structures of cooperation between public authorities and civil society.

Participation of civil society in the European integration process

  • The role of civil society in the European integration process;
  • EU Mechanisms and Structures – civil society;
  • Mechanisms and structures of local institutions – civil society;
  • Participation in drafting, implementation and monitoring of key EU – Kosovo documents.


  • Capacities to raise funds for CSOs;
  • Forms and ways of supporting civil society organizations;
  • Consultation and programming of technical assistance;
  • Donor coordination and supported areas.