European Integration School with a new program!

Integration into European Union (EU) is a priority for citizens and Kosovo Government and on this road everyone should provide contribution. Therefore, in year 2005 “European Integration School” (EIS) was established with the purpose of increasing the capacities and fair information of Kosovo society on the European Union and the European integration process of Kosovo.

After more than 13 years of existence, with 23 past generations and over 1100 participants, EIS is redesigned in a diversified format in line with the needs and specific requirements of the audience.

Through this program, citizens and CSOs have the opportunity to refresh their knowledge by participating in some of the open trainings or lectures, where different experts discuss the challenges and problems of the integration process or join the thematic workshops discussing specific topics on common sector policies that are affected by the relationship with EU.

In the new format, throughout a calendar year, European Integration School will organize a range of activities that will include:

  • One-day trainings: “EU in 1 day”

Throughout 1 day, participants from various sectors will be provided with general information on the EU, which will serve as orientation, as well as update of knowledge on EU and its institutions.

  • Open lecturers

These open lectures will bring to participants a more interesting dimension in line with the latest developments in the European integration process. These lectures will be held by well-known local and international lecturers, sound experts on current issues and topics, who will present their views about current dynamics or issues that are closely affecting Kosovo.

  • Thematic workshops

The thematic workshops will be organized in homogeneous groups that will gather participants who are interested in addressing specific issues related to specific policies related to the priorities of the Kosovo European Integration Agenda. Workshops will be led by local, regional or international experts depending on the topic of discussion.

These activities will be held by prominent academic figures and distinguished personalities, as well as representatives of international institutions.

Notification of further specifications as well as application criteria will be communicated along with the relevant calls for each of the activities.