Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), with the purpose of strengthening civil society’s role in drafting and implementing policies affecting the communities and general public through the promotion of joint activities with partners, provides financial support for NGOs membership in regional/international networks. WHO CAN APPLY? Non-governmental organizations registered in Kosovo. APPLICATION CRITERIA: The Committee shall review applications individually and evaluate them in line with the following criteria:

  • Benefit that these organizations, civil society and country have from this membership.
  • Compliance of the mission, scope and applicant organization with the mission and scope of the network where the membership is required.

Organizations covering a portion of their expenses from other sources will have an advantage. WHAT IS FUNDED? Membership fee. All information on the criteria and application, including the application form and Aplication Guideline may be downladed from www.kcsfoundation.org. Applicants will be notified about the decision of commission 30 days after applying date at the latest. All questions related to grant application from this scheme can be sent to the following e-mail [email protected].


*As result of the project closure, the application for regional/international representation and networking grants is open only for activities and payment made until February 29, 2020. After reviewing the procedures and budget you will be informed for activities taking place after March 1, 2020.