• 1. Can the businesses apply for this scheme?
    To apply for this scheme, applicant should be an NGO. Businesses and other organizations are not eligible to apply.
  • 2. Can the organizations from the countries in the region apply?
    In order to apply for the grant scheme for advocacy initiatives of community based organizations, applicant should be an NGO registered in Kosovo. Organizations that do not meet these criteria are not eligible to apply for the abovementioned scheme.
  • 3. Is it possible for two organizations to apply together with one project proposal?
    In case that the applicant has a partner in project-proposal, a Memorandum of Cooperation confirming the partnership should be attached to the application. This Memorandum shall contain specific information on partner’s role and responsibilities.
  • 4. Should the project be implemented during the period of July 2016 – October 2017 or it can be completed within a shorter period of time?
    As indicated in Application Guidelines, all activities should be completed by 30 October 2017 at the latest. However, depending on activity planning, they can be finished earlier.
  • 5. What should do an organization that did not have any budget in last two years (2014 and 2015) or was recently established?
    Concerning the application section dealing with the budget over the last two years, if the applicant organization was established recently or it did not have any budget over the last two years, this section should be marked with N/A (Not Applicable).
  • 6. Can one organization at the same time apply for this scheme and other schemes implemented by KCSF?
    Applicant may apply at the same time for other KCSF implemented schemes.
  • 7. The application criteria number 2 means the average for the last 3 years or that annual turnover for each year should not exceed the amount of EUR 25,000?
    Application criteria number 2 refers to financial turnover within a year. The annual turnover should not exceed the amount of EUR 25,000 per given year. Meanwhile the applicant should give the information for the last three years.
  • 8. How the annual turnover for the last three years will be proved?
    During application phase, the applicant must fulfill the section for annual turnover for the last three years. Afterwards, during the evaluation phase or contraction phase (if the application is selected to be supported) additional documents as financial statements will be required.