Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Does this call fund individual businesses?
    As per guidelines for application for urgent grants, individuals or unregistered initiatives must prove that their engagement is not for profit, more for public benefit and not for private interest. Businesses are not qualified, while NGOs representing businesses or similar entities that it is clear they have the financial capacity to cover the expenses of their organization or maintain their activities are not targeted by KCSF grants.
  • 2. Where can we find guidelines for application for urgent grants?
    All information regarding the call for application for urgent grants, including the guidelines for application, can be found on our website, the following link
  • 3. Can organizations from Albania apply in this call or only in cooperation with NGOs from Kosovo?
    Based on the guidelines for application, only individuals, unregistered initiatives and organizations active in Kosovo engaged in a non-profit initiatives are eligible to apply in this call (branches of foreign and international NGOs registered in Kosovo are not eligible to apply). The same rules apply to partners.
  • 4. What is the maximum amount we can apply for?
    The maximum amount of support within the call for application for urgent grants is 5,000 EUR.
  • 5. What can be the maximum duration of the grant?
    The maximum duration of a urgent grant can be 12 months.
  • 6. Can we apply for craftsmanship?
    Your application must be in the field of democratization and EJA Kosovo program areas. For more details about EJA Kosovo program and what initiatives are intended to be supported, please see the guidelines for application for urgent grants here.
  • 7. Where can I find the application form for urgent grants and what documents should be attached?
    All information about the call for application, including the application form along with other documents can be found here.
  • 8. Is it necessary to apply in three languages (Albanian, Serbian, English) or only in one of them?
    The application can be completed in one of the languages. It is not necessary to submit it in all three languages.
  • 9. Is there any restriction on the issues we can address?
    No, there are no restrictions regarding the issues you foresee to address.
  • 10. What do you consider to be an urgent issue in a community?
    An urgent issue is considered any issue that requires urgent contribution and reaction and for which there is not enough time to apply and go through other instruments procedures and regular calls such as project grants.
  • 11. How many projects will be supported within this call?
    According to the budget we have approved for this year, tentatively around 12 projects will be supported. However, it depends on the number of applications and their quality. The entire available budget will not necessarily be spent.
  • 12. Are existing projects supported within the call?
    Existing projects can be supported if they meet all urgency requirements and criteria which are explained in the application guidelines. In addition, the project should contribute to the overall goal and results of the EJA Kosovo program.
  • 13. Is the purchase of equipment that will help the realization of the project allowed?
    All ineligible costs are listed in the guidelines for application for urgent grants. In principle, the purchase of equipment is not prohibited. However, the necessity of such purchase must be justified.