Each applicant who has participated in the application process receives a response regarding the evaluation process and the result of their application.

In case they consider their proposal was not evaluated based on merits even after receiving additional clarifications, applicants may submit an official complain within two working days. The complaint must be made in written, stating clearly the reasons and arguments for the complaint. The complaint should be made by the applicants and not through intermediaries or third parties. Upon receipt of the complaint, KCSF shall notify the applicant on the receipt of the complaint and the deadline within which the reply will be sent, which is 15 days.

Complaints may lead to re-evaluation only if KCSF Complaint Committee concludes that serious omissions that have resulted in material breach during the evaluation have been found.

In cases when the reasons and arguments provided in the complaint are not sufficient to initiate a re-evaluation process, the applicant is notified through an email that their complaint is rejected and there can be no re-evaluation of the application.

In case when KCSF decides the complaint is valid, it leads to re-evaluation of the application. In such a case, KCSF addresses the evaluators with a request for re-evaluation of the application. A new GET is established where two out of five GET members from those who have previously evaluated the application are replaced. The new GET composition will re-evaluate the application, including by accessing the screening reports and recordings of the public interview. GET will re-evaluate the application by the same process, resulting in a final evaluation score for the respective application, which can be identical, higher or lower than the original score. The new score will be adjusted in the final Consolidated Evaluation Grid. If the new final evaluation score is higher than the last successful applicant and geographical quota is maintained, the re-evaluation will result in inclusion of the complaining applicant in the final list of applicants recommended for support. The veto process will be repeated only for the re-evaluated application. If no veto is exercised by donors, the last applicant in the original list of successful applicants will be removed and transferred to the list of unsuccessful applicants.

KCSF must close the complaint process and respond to the applicant within 15 days from the day when the complaint has been submitted. KCSF should keep a register of complaints and the process how cases were handled. Donors should also be notified of any complaints made by respective applicant and how they were addressed and managed. The procedure and possibility to complain is public on the KCSF website.