Engagement for Joint Action (EJA Kosovo) is a KCSF program that supports civil society initiatives through grants and capacity building with the overall aim to contribute to a democratic and inclusive society in Kosovo, on its path towards integration into the European Union.

Centering citizen engagement and participation throughout the work of civil society, EJA Kosovo aims to contribute towards two main objectives where: (a) civil society uses and claims spaces for participation in shaping public affairs and (b) civil society organizations have strengthened ties to their constituents and improved accountability and transparency towards the wider public and their constituents.

Small project grants are intended to deliver concrete results within a set timeframe. Beneficiaries of these grants may be individuals, unregistered initiatives and non-governmental organizations with the most compelling and innovative ideas that have real potential for advancing the goals and objectives of the program. Small project grants will support specific actions of civil society initiatives and individuals that address concrete issues, both of more systematic nature or limited in scope and duration; In addition, they are intended to support the initiatives of individuals, unregistered initiatives and non-governmental organizations for more focused and short-term projects. Civil society initiatives are required to operate in their respective localities.


  • Individuals (citizens of the Republic of Kosovo)
  • Unregistered Initiatives
  • Domestic Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) registered in Kosovo.


Organizations will be eligible to apply for funding for a period of maximum 12 months. The maximum budget requested for funding from this call for one grant should not exceed EUR 10,000.


Application for these grants has shifted from the submission of applications via e-mail to the online application system.

Applicants must provide their information, elaborate the idea and submit the necessary documents through this online application system.

*In the video that you may find in this link, you can see the instructions for registration and use of the application system: In case you encounter difficulties or if you need further clarification about this system, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone.

The deadline for application for this cycle of Small Project Grants is 15 May 2023 at 23:59

Any question you may have on the preparation of applications or grant application details can be sent via e-mail at [email protected].