• What type of organization strategy is required for institutional grants? What type of program is required?
    Amongst the mandatory documents for institutional grant applicants is the organization strategy. Institutional support can include one program or entire organization. If the application is filed only for the support of one specific program, the organization strategy should clearly include the program for which the support is requested.
  • Please explain the distinction between the strategy and approach for implementation of activities in the application form?
    In fact, there is distinction. Both are related to the type of suggested activities. Implementation of some activities needs to have a strategy in place that should be elaborated and consider more analysis (including risk, stakeholders, etc.), while some other activities only need to have a well-planned implementation approach.
  • Can we complete the institutional grant application in English?
    As indicated in the Application Instructions, applicants shall complete the application form in Albanian, Serbian or English language.
  • What is the distinction between the project grants and institutional grants?
    Project grants are envisaged to achieve concrete results within a determined time frame. These grants will be given to those organizations and civic initiatives that provide most convincing ideas and have the greatest potential to contribute in the achievement of DSP results. On the other hand, institutional grants enable civil society organizations to stay in line with their agendas and to invest considerable time in the fields of specific importance. Financial support for institutional development is foreseen to support the organizations, which are or have the potential to become, agents of change in the field of civic participation, good governance, transparency, interethnic relations and gender equality. Institutional grants enable the DSP partners built their internal organizational and thematic capacities. Organizations may be funded for a period of 2-3 years, with the amount of distributed grants decreasing every year.
  • Can the institutional grant budget include the following expenditures:
    - Website development? Website development is allowed as expenditure. - Travels abroad for conference participation purposes? Travels abroad for conference participation purposes are allowed as expenditure. - Is there any limit to the amount one can apply for (annual)? There is no limit on the amount one can apply for (annual).
  • Is it mandatory to apply for a 3 year period or can this period be shorter?
    Since we are dealing with an institutional grant, it is expected that results be distributed over a 2-3 year period.
  • Do we need to submit other documents, except for the organization Statute?
    Concerning the additional documents, all documents indicated in the Application Form should be submitted. The following are the mandatory documents: - Registration Certificate and Fiscal Number Certificate of the organization; - VAT Certificate (if available); - Organization Statute; - List of Board members and/or heads of the Assembly of Members; - Organization Strategy, including the Program you are applying for; - Annual Work Plan; - Resumes (CVs) of persons responsible for grant implementation; - Budget together with salary specification and justification; - Financial statements and auditing reports for the last two (2) years. *Please be advised that in case you do not submit any of the above enlisted documents, you will not have the opportunity to go through administrative control .
  • Is the financial statement required for submission?
    Financial statements and auditing reports for two (2) last years are required, if you don’t have them ready for 2014, you are required to submit the financial statements and auditing reports for 2012 and 2013.
  • Due to staff changes, would it be a problem if we do not provide names of staff but only their positions?
    Resumes (CVs) of persons responsible for grant implementation are mandatory; therefore their names should be indicated in the Budget. This is also the basis for the institutional grant assessment.
  • Is it possible for international organization to apply on behalf of the local NGO and serve as a pass-through to the NGO upon completion of registration?
    International organization can help a local NGO to apply whereby the international organization is mentioned as project partners and their role needs to be clearly defined in the application form. Hence, the application, legal representation and contracting shall be done by “Lead Local Organization” only, which takes all responsibilities. Forwarding of funds is not allowed as it involves the delegation of responsibilities and, consequently, the quality of performance. All parties expected to be vested with specific responsibilities in the project implementation should be involved in the project as partners and their role needs to be clearly explained in the application form.
  • Is it possible to apply and be considered pending receipt of the decision from the Ministry regarding the registration process?
    Presentation of the certificate at the application is obligatory. DSP runs on a rolling basis, meaning there is no deadline, hence once you receive the decision from MPA you may apply.
  • Is application for DSP grants under a UNMIK CSO registration certificate eligible?
    No. For application for the DSP granting scheme CSO registration certificates issued by UNMIK are inadmissible. Applicants should have and present the registration certificate issued by MLGA.