The Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), with a regranting budget of over 2 million EUR per year, is one of the leading partners for bilateral donors. The support of KCSF and its partners aims to develop civil society in Kosovo, support NGOs and civic initiatives to develop democracy in the country, and mobilize the existing potential to contribute to the European integration process.

This support materialized with the support of over 100 grantees by the end of 2017.

Over the past year, KCSF continued implementing grant schemes funded by the Swiss and Danish Governments, Sweden, Luxembourg, Canada and the European Union. Through bilateral agreements with these donors, besides engagement for achieving its mission, KCSF aims at achieving the specific objectives and outcomes agreed together with its partners.

Apart from the grants that are implemented with partner NGOs from the institutional grant supported by the Swedish SIDA, KCSF develops large, unique and complementary interventions among them. DSP – Democratic Society Promotion which is supported by the Swiss and Danish governments offers among other the institutional grants, grants for projects and awards for civil society organizations and civic initiatives.

A grant scheme that supports community-based (grassroots) initiatives contributing to positive changes in society at the local level is supported by the European Union, and KCSF manages support for local development initiatives and human rights supported by the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives.

During 2017, KCSF has reached a multi-year agreement with the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where through grants the support to the civil society aims to contribute to the social integration of young people, objective reporting in the media, and raising the knowledge on topics that are linked to the European Agenda of Kosovo.

Support from the Swedish government through the institutional grant has enabled KCSF to build grant instruments, services and grants besides specific schemes, as well as support programs for partner NGOs in order to achieve its program outcomes.

These forms of support include individual grants for networking and representation at international level that represent the unique forms of such support in Kosovo. Through these funds, NGOs have the opportunity to join international networks while their representatives are presented at various events.

Also, through a special call during 2017, KCSF has supported several partner organizations which contribute to the implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the short-term priorities of the European Reform Agenda, projects that are extended to 2018 as well.

During 2017, the number of grants exceeded 100. This includes grants from the DSP project with about 40 active grants, which in size are the biggest grants. Secondly, from the call for EU scheme grants, KCSF has contracted 20 new organizations. Representative and networking grants count 30 beneficiaries over the year. While seven organizations will contribute to the implementation of the SAA during 2018 and 2019, as well as seven organizations are contracted within the Luxembourg scheme with projects lasting up to 24 months that have begun implementation in January 2018.

In short, 2017 has been a very dynamic year, characterized by the implementation of existing schemes, the design of new schemes, and the development of programs and supporting instruments for the sector, which are complementary with ongoing active schemes.

Among other, this was possible thanks to the flexibility based on the needs of the sector, sincere partnership and generous support from the Swedish SIDA.