Continuous capacity building of CSOs is a key component for the development of the civil society setor. The Center will offer basic training programs on:

  • Organization and Internal Governance of CSOs
  • Project Cycle Management (PCM)
  • Financial planning and management
  • Civil society participation in policy making process
  • Civil society role and participation in European integration process.

All trainings offered by the Center will be available to active CSOs in Kosovo. The participants’ selection process will be conducted through open call for applications.


Aiming to address and fulfil the specific needs of CSOs and public institutions, the Center will offer the opportunity of delivering advance training modules.

CSOs/public institutions interested to benefit from this service should express their interest to the Center by filling in and submitting the electronic form for “specific trainings”, which can be downloaded from or acquired in KCSF offices. Center’s staff will be responsible to arrange the preparation and delivery of the specific training modules based on the applications received.

Application steps for the specific trainings:

· Identify the need for capacity building with your staff;

· Contact the Center;

· Fill in and submit the application form; and,

· Center’s staff will respond to your request within fifteen (15) days.

· Criteria to benefit from the specific trainings:

The theme you are interested on should fall into five main fields of expertise of the Center;

Organizations/institutions staff interested for the training may not be more than three (3) persons;

For the delivery of the specific training module there should be at least five (5) interested organizations/institutions.