Workshop held on the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs ~ Pristina, 31 May and 1 June 2010

A two-day workshop was held within the project “Empowering Civil Society Inclusion on Democratic Policy Making in Kosovo”, financed by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF) and as a part of the civil society Advisory Group engagement on the amendment process of the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs . In this workshop participants discussed and agreed on concrete recommendations which will be advocated for by the Advisory Group.

Besides the high number of participants from civil society organizations the workshop was assisted by Mr. Balazs Sator prominent civil society activist and civil society development expert from Hungary. Mr. Sator transmitted the best practices from Europe and assisted with concrete advices for different issues of the NGO Law in Kosovo

After discussing each article carefully the agreed recommendations will be proposed and advocated from the civil society representatives in the Governmental Working Group for amending the Law on Freedom of Association in NGOs, which is continuing its work since April 2010.

The workshop was organized in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Communities and with the assistance of the European Centre for Non Profit Law.