Study visit to EU Institutions from European Integration School

Within the European Integration School programme, a study visit to institutions of European Union took place, where participants of XII and XIII generation of European Integration School met the members of European Parliament mr. Eduard Kukan, mrs. Tanja Fajon, mrs. Ulrike Lunacek and mr.Peter Stano, other representatives of DG Enlargement and mrs. Maja Kocijançiç from Council of EU.

During these meetings there were discussed the work of European Parliament, EU-Kosovo relations, visa liberalisations process and trade agreement, in which case the representatives of EU Institutions stated that EU is committed to playing a leading role in ensuring stability in Balkan and expressed readiness to assist economic and development of Kosovo.

During the meetings with Kosovar journalists placed in Brussels mrs.Gjeraqina Tuhina and mr.Augustin Palokaj it was discussed their work and commitment achieving more accurate information, while with ambassador z.Ilir Dugolli participants discussed the problem facing Kosovo today and Kosovo’s image in EU.