Shpresa Loshaj, laureate of the KCSF Democracy Award 2020

Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) awarded the Democracy Award 2020 to activist Shpresa Loshaj for her dedication and activism in the protection of nature and water in Lumbardhi river in Deçan. For year, Shpresa Loshaj was actively engaged in protecting rivers and the environment from the damage caused by the construction and operation of hydro power plants in this part of Kosovo.

Shpresa accepted the Democracy Award virtually, while on her behalf the award was physically delivered to an activist from Deçan, Edonjeta Iberhysaj, and the Anti SLAPP Group, a group which is supporting Shpresa Loshaj, especially against the lawsuit filed against her by Kelkos Company.

During the award ceremony, the Head of the Swiss Development Program in Kosovo, Mrs. Katharina Stocker stressed Switzerland’s continued support for civic engagement and environmental protection, while Deputy Head of the Swedish Embassy in Kosovo, Mrs. Nasrin Pourghazian described Shpresa’s commitment as a demonstration of the power of citizens for change. Taulant Hoxha, Director of KCSF, invited citizens of Kosovo to use Shpresa’s example as an inspiration to engage in public welfare in issues concerning their neighborhoods, villages, and cities.

The award ceremony was broadcasted on KCSF social networks and Kohavision TV station, together with a short documentary produced by KCSF, which showcases the journey of Shpresa Loshaj for this cause.

The Democracy Award is part of the EJA Kosovo program, a KCSF program to support civil society which is co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and Sweden.