KCSF launched three publications on citizen participation in Kosovo


KCSF, within its activities on increasing the citizen participation in decision-making processes and aiming to discuss the main achievements and challenges towards creating functional mechanisms for citizen participation in Kosovo, organised a conference in which three new KCSF publications were launched:

“We and them – Citizen Participation in Kosovo”

“Best European Practices in Citizen Participation”

“Manual on Public Consultation for civil servants and CSOs”

The presentation of publications was followed by an open debate from te guests speakers: Mr. Hajredin Kuçi, Minister of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Government and Mr. Khaldoun Sinno, Acting Head of European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo. Regional experiences on citizen participation were presented by Mr. Miljenko Dereta – Executive Director of Citizen’s Initiatives Serbia and Ms. Erisa Çela – Head of Programme at Institute for Democracy and Mediation Albania, while numerous participants discussed about main achievements and challenges on this field.

KCSF and a large number of participants concluded that despite some positive developments in advancing the legal framework in this field, citizen participation remains still far from the required European standards. Political will to include citizens in decision making process, adequate legal framework and civil servants’ capacities for this process still remain challenges that should be addressed by Kosovo institutions, while an increased responsiveness on the citizens needs, capacities to contribute in policy and law making processes and civil society’s sectorial platforms are main issues that civil society should face with.

The publications in English will be available soon