Non-Governmental Organization INTEGRA, is in the fifth year of implementation of the project “Scaling Up HIV Prevention in Kosovo – Make Love, Not AIDS”, a project supported by Global Fund and managed by CDF (Community Development Fund). This project has educational and preventive character towards widespread disease of the last millennium HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

As a tendency to expand its activities, INTEGRA, in project action plan provides allocation of financial contributions (small grants) for groups of young people from schools and universities, non-formal groups or relevant organizations who are interested to apply with their project proposals which’s aim is to raise awareness and prevention of HIV /AIDS in their local environments, namely to target groups with higher risk of infection.

The purpose of this contribution is to involve youth in the process of combating and preventing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, increase information capacities related to this phenomenon as well as raise awareness among the population regarding the disease of millennium, especially to target groups with higher risk of infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Simultaneously, this is the fifth phase of allocating financial contributions from INTEGRA for youth groups, non-formal groups and various non-governmental organizations in Kosovo.

Therefore, all young people from high schools and universities, or non-governmental youth organizations have the right to apply for small grants worth up to 500 Euro, with their electronically written projects.

Project should necessarily contain the objectives, goals, action plan (implementation activities), financial plan (not to exceed the amount foreseen for the grant) and human capacities. In addition, project activities should include as many young beneficiaries and to be implemented in the period of maximum 30 days.

Submission of project proposals in our address should be sent until 31st of March 2014. Projects submitted later than this date will not be taken into consideration.

The project must be submitted electronically at [email protected], while applicants will be given the answer within the period of 7 days.

Note: The application form should be required at: [email protected], form from which all project writing must be based on, and which complies/fit with the requirements of INTEGRA’s working principle. Please provide us also with the Certificate of Registration (scanned version).