Government to Draft Emergency Plan for Dealing with Economic Consequences of Covid-19

Republic of Kosovo is going through a difficult situation as a result of COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the health consequences, this situation is causing serious economic consequences.

The allocation of social assistance 10 days ahead of time for the next two months, additional extraordinary second payment, is a step by the Government to be appraised, as well as the announcement on early execution of salaries for public sector employees. However, the Government should be more present in dealing with the economic consequences by taking additional measures and with a wider scope, with special emphasis on minimizing the consequences for employees in the private sector and social vulnerable cases. On the other hand, we are aware of the limited capacity of the Government of Kosovo to deal with this invisible enemy.

For this reason, the civil society organizations listed below, request from the Government of Kosovo to urgently draft and implement an emergency economic plan, in order to make available all state resources and mobilization of other resources to cope with this difficult situation. Among other things, we propose to the Government of Kosovo that:

  1. In accordance with the applicable laws, to use the opportunities and obtaining a loan, and making the necessary budgetary revisions and program priorities, to create funds that are used for the most universal economic support measures, with priority to the private sector;
  2. Establishing a Solidarity Fund managed and administered by the Government of Kosovo, where all interested parties inside and outside Kosovo can offer financial assistance based on their free will. All funds generated should be used to manage the situation around COVID-19, giving priority to the emergency needs of the most vulnerable cases. The management and administration of the Fund is to be implemented in a transparent and responsible manner, with detailed reports during and after overcoming this situation.


Moreover, we also remind the Government of Kosovo of our request that together with the Central Bank of Kosovo they should enter into an urgent dialogue with the banking sector in Kosovo to suspend loan payments for all borrowers for period of at least 3 months. This, without applying interest-delays for this period of suspension.

Finally, we ask the relevant ministers of economy and finance and other responsible officials to provide continuous and detailed information, to ensure citizens with the necessary safety that in addition to the health aspect, the state is fully committed to effectively address and deal with the economic consequences caused by the spread of COVID-19.

Civil society organizations remain ready to support the Government of Kosovo in designing or implementing any measure in which our capacities are considered useful.

Supporting organization:

  • Democracy for Development (D4D)
  • Democracy Plus (D+)
  • Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF)
  • Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS)
  • Kosovo Democratic Institute (KDI)
  • GAP Institute
  • Kosovo Institute of Justice (IKD)
  • Kosovo Institute for European Policy (EPIK)
  • Kosovo Institute for Policy Research and Development (KIPRED)
  • Institute for Development Policy (INDEP)
  • Council for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms (KMLDNj)
  • KW4W – Kosova Women 4 Women
  • FOL Movement
  • Let’s Do It Kosova
  • Organization for Democracy, Anti-Corruption and Dignity, Çohu!
  • Organization “INTEGRA”
  • Organization “POLIS”
  • Organization “VKBIK”
  • Organization “PLEJADA”
  • Organization “RROGRAEK”
  • Organization “NOPM”
  • Program for Civil Rights in Kosovo (CRP/K)
  • Kosovo Center for the Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors (QKRMT)
  • Kosovo Education Center (KEC)
  • Kosovar Center for Gender Studies
  • Kosovo Women’s Group Network (KWN)
  • Association of Independent Intellectuals, Deçan
  • Kosovo Information and Communication Technology Association (STIKK)