Prishtinë, November 18th, 2014 – The Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations (TACSO) Project has entered into a partnership with Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) in Kosovo, in order to ensure sustainability of TACSO functions upon the project’s completion in 2017.

The establishment of cooperation and strengthening of TACSO supported Resource Centers in the beneficiary countries throughout the Western Balkans and Turkey is a key element in the project’s final phase. The intention has been to identify partners with similar missions and approaches to civil society development as TACSO to ensure sustainability of functions and services.

The partner search was based on an open call, and an evaluation of potential organizations. The main goal was to identify the most suitable candidate that will form a partnership with TACSO, and henceforth be
given the title, “Resource Center Supported by TACSO”.

Following our open call and evaluation, the KCSF was identified as the strongest partner to TACSO. KCSF brings with it 15 years of experience in civil society development and is expected to continue the work of
TACSO’s mission for years to come.

This new partnership between TACSO and KCSF brings technical assistance for civil society to new heights. KCSF will host TACSO at its Prishtina office.

Partnerships between Resource Centers and TACSO throughout the region are designed to improve Resource Center’s capacity to takeover key TACSO functions, i.e. capacity building activities, partnership and networking, advocacy, visibility actions, as well as help-desk assistance. The aim is to achieve a strengthened civil society and to stimulate a “CSO-friendly” environment and culture, and to provide support to entire civil society of Kosovo.

In practice, the Resource Centers and TACSO will cooperate in implementation of the project activities. In parallel, the host organization will receive organizational capacity building support and coaching to improve their delivery of CSO services. Please keep following TACSO and its work with the Resource Center at our Website, Facebook and Twitter!

The EU has supported the Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations (TACSO) Project since 2009 in the scope of the Civil Society Facility (CSF) mechanism, in order to achieve a strengthened civil society and to stimulate a civil society-friendly environment and culture in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

TACSO operates through one regional office in tandem with national offices in seven countries. Employing approximately 22 full-time professionals, TACSO brings CSOs from the Western Balkans and Turkey closer to each other and to the EU by organizing activities at the regional level. In addition, TACSO responds to the specific needs of civil society organizations by providing technical assistance, capacity building support and facilitation of dialogue among the key stakeholders of civil society.

For more information please contact Ardita Metaj Dika, TACSO Kosovo Office Resident Advisor at [email protected].