Civil Society Index 2nd Advisory Committee meeting held ~ 26-27 November 2010, Prishtina

CIVICUS Civil Society Index is an action-based research of current state of civil society conducted through a participatory methodology, and aims to study the current situation in order to initiate future actions on advancing civil society in Kosovo.

In its final phases, the project gathered a selected number of representatives from civil society, public authorities, businesses and media to discuss on the findings of the study and assist on producing concrete recommendations based on these findings.

The substantial discussions validated most of the findings, but at the same time identified a number of fields which need further consultations, in order to bring closer the findings and the real situation of civil society in Kosovo.

This meeting will be followed with the National Workshop, to be held on 15th of December 2010, where around 100 representatives of all sectors will be invited to discuss the future actions to be taken by all relevant actors aiming to advance the position of civil society in Kosovo.

The study is based on the global methodology provided by CIVICUS – World Alliance for Citizen Participation, and is financially supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).