Civil Society Index for Kosovo published by KCSF

After a two year period of research, analyses and comprehensive discussions, KCSF completed the Civil Society Index for Kosovo. Civil Society Index analyses the current state of this sector and, based on the findings, aims to initiate concrete actions for advancing civil society in Kosovo.

Based on the CIVICUS global methodology, this study has involved more than 100 civil society organizations and same number of distinguished individuals from Kosovar society, more than 1300 citizens and a long series of different meetings where the findings have been validated and recommendations were produced.

Civil Society Index has resulted with two concrete publications: Kosovo Analytical Country Report; and Policy Brief on civil society in Kosovo.

Currently only in English, within a couple of weeks both documents will be printed in Albanian and English, accompanied by promotion of the findings and discussion of recommendations.

Civil Society Index for Kosovo was financially supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).