Engagement for Joint Action (EJA Kosovo) is a KCSF program that supports civil society initiatives through grants and capacity building with the overall aim to contribute to a democratic and inclusive society in Kosovo, on its path towards integration into the European Union.

Centering citizen engagement and participation throughout the work of civil society, EJA Kosovo aims to contribute towards two main objectives where: (a) civil society uses and claims spaces for participation in shaping public affairs and (b) civil society organizations have strengthened ties to their constituents and improved accountability and transparency towards the wider public and their constituents.

Organizational Development grants aim to support a) NGOs who are well-established, have a clear vision and systematically work to implement their strategy and b) NGOs who are not yet at that level, but have clear direction of their development, including programmatic goals and groups of citizens that they represent or target with their work. By providing long-term and tailored organizational development support the targeted organizations will make use of specific funds dedicated to advance their organization rather than specific projects. Specifically, these grants aim to support the capacity building of the staff, development and implementation of internal tools and systems, development of internal policies and documents, use of software and equipment or specific methodologies and approaches.  Similar to other instruments in EJA Kosovo, these grants enable organizations to also address in a consistent and systematic manner the inclusion of citizens in their work and improve internal governance practices.


Domestic Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) registered in Kosovo.


Organizations will be eligible to apply for funding for a period of maximum 24 months. The maximum budget requested for funding for a grant from this call is EUR 15,000.


Applicants should submit the completed applications at [email protected]. Only applications that comply with all the requirements of the call specified in the guidelines for applications and application form will be considered. The deadline for application is 25.01.2021 at 24:00hrs local time.

All additional informations, including the guidelines and application forms can be found here. Any question you may have on the preparation of applications or application procedure details can be sent via e-mail at  [email protected].