A meeting was held for the discussion and validation of the final findings of the Civil Society Index of Kosovo 2013

Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF), within its commitment to the development of civil society sector, every two years designs the Civil Society Index of Kosovo that aims to analyze the current state of civil society and identify the way forward for the development of the Kosovar civil society.

The meeting for discussion and final validation of the findings of this research, KCSF along with a close group of representatives of civil society, public institutions, media and donor community was held on December 11, 2013.

For Civil Society Index of Kosovo 2013, so far, KCSF surveyed 100 active CSOs in Kosovo, 30 representatives of various sectors of civil society and 1,300 citizens of Kosovo, and has developed over 50 in-depth interviews with representatives of organizations and various institutions operating in Kosovo. Currently, these data are summarized in a report which provides quantitative and qualitative analysis of the key areas of civil society, such as the structure and internal organization, funding, participation in decision-making, the impact of perceived external environment for functioning of civil society, etc.

After this meeting, KCSF will finalize and publish a final report with findings on the state of civil society in Kosovo.