EUROPEAN INTEGRATION SCHOOL – Open Lecture by Florent Marciacq

The lecture will be about the parameters guiding EU enlargement in “real life”; the
lengthiness of WB6 transformation, the unpredictability of policy processes in the light of
EU national approaches and as well as the impact of external actors’. The course will
emphasize the political logic shaping EU enlargement in most influential ways, which
contrasts with the allegedly technocratic process of norm approximation. The course will
focus on the Berlin Process. Building on its the achievements and limitations, it will
claim that regional cooperation, if framed strategically, can be seen as “game changer”-
making WB6 transformation more effective, accelerating WB6 accession to the EU and
even contributing to the deepening of the EU.

The open lecture will be held in English and is free of charge for anyone interested in expanding
knowledge on EU affairs. Simultaneous translation in Albanian and Serbian language will be
offered too.


Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your
To register and for more information about the topic please click HERE

The deadline for registration is 20 April. Only selected applicants will be informed by e-mail.