Where and how to send the applications?

For Project Grants:


Applications can only be sent in electronic form in .doc or .pdf format via the following e‐mail dspaplikimi@kcsfoundation.org.


E‐mail shall include completed application form for project grants (concept‐document), with NGO Registration Certificate attached; while for non‐registered Initiatives, a proof of civic initiative functionality is required. When submitting the application form, the filled in DSP budged form should also be attached.

For Institutional Grants (Call for Applications will be opened in early 2016):

Applications need to be submitted in one (1) original and one (1) copy of A4 format. Completed application documents shall also be handed over in electronic version (CD‐Rom). The electronic version shall contain exactly the same proposal form as the submitted printed form. The completed applications will be handed over to the KCSF offices. The envelope shall have the following text: “Application for DSP institutional grant, full name and address of applicant”. Applications will be received every working day, from 10:00 to 16:00 hrs; on Fridays, until 14:00 hrs. 


Address for submission of applications: Fondacioni Kosovar për Shoqëri Civile ‐ KCSF
Fazli Greiçevci 55, 10 000, Prishtinë