DSP provides grants through three main instruments:


1. Project grants are intended to achieve specific results within a given timeframe. These grants will be awarded to those organizations offering the most convincing ideas and with the greatest prospect of advancing DSP’s results. There is no high or low budget threshold for project grants. The application procedures will be simple. However, there will be strict and robust review process to ensure projects have a working intervention logics and a concrete plan to tie together the objectives and activities, as well as to contribute in the achievement of DSP expected results.


Evaluation and decision making for these grants shall be carried out on regular two monthly basis. If need be, Grants and Awards Board will convene more frequently.

2. Institutional grants enable civil society organizations to plot their own agendas and invest significant time in the areas of critical importance. Financial support for institutional development is intended to sustain organizations that are, or have the potential of becoming, change agents in the field of citizen participation, good governance, transparency, inter‐ethnic relations, and gender equality. Institutional grants permit DSP partners to build thematic and organizational capacities internally. Organizations are eligible to receive 2‐3 years of funding, and grants will be allocated in such a way that the sum decreases annually. Each year, every grant will be re‐assessed and decision for continuation of funding levels will be made.


Unlike project grants, those organizations applying for in institutional support must submit full proposals. As of 2015, evaluation and decision making for these grants will be made every 6 months. If need be, Grants and Awards Board will be convened more frequently.


3. Awards will recognize the contributions of individuals and organizations in various fields impacting the democratization process of Kosovo. Their purpose is to elevate and recognize the contributions of civil society that come as a result of innovation, intellectual courage or achievement Kosovo’s democratization. Awards will be disbursed to those individuals or organizations that exemplify the DSP objectives. All civil society actors, including the DSP grant recipients, will be eligible for these awards.

The decision as to who will receive the awards will be made by the Grants and Awards Board, with the approval of Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo. Awards evaluation and decision will be made once a year.

In reaching the DSP objectives, Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo has made available a budget to the tune of EUR 3 million for the period of 4 years. The below table shows the approximate amount of allocated grants as per the relevant instruments for the 4‐year period (2014 – 2018):