Call for Applications for Institutional Grants 

Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO-K), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (DANIDA) and Kosovar Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) have the pleasure to inform you that application for institutional grants is launched. This will be the last call for institutional grants under the DSP project.


The deadline for the submission of completed applications in KCSF offices is 29 June 2017, at 16:00 hrs. 


Details can be found in the Documents for Application section. 


Information session for Institutional grants


Call for Project Proposals on Waste Management

We inform all potential applicants that on 5 April 2017 application form for project grants has been changed. In this regard, former application form will not be accepted.


Interested NGOs must submit standard project grant application form together with all annexes. Completed applications must be sent by 14 June 2017 at the latest.


Details can be found in the Documents for Application section.


Project grants

We inform all potential applicants that as of April 5, 2017, application form for project grants has been changed. Application forms downloaded before the change will not be accepted.



DSP organizes regular information sessions for all potential applicants.


DSP scheme

During period 2014 - 2018, DSP will support high quality projects that will impact the society, and it shall provide institutional support for organizations that systematically support and promote these changes. DSP aims to achieve positive changes at the local and central level

The overall goal of DSP is to support the development of a democratic society in Kosovo. The long term perspective is to contribute to significant and sustainable changes that will in turn contribute to the development of democratic society in Kosovo.


DSP will contribute to the following two objectives/outcomes:

  • Outcome I: Kosovar citizens and civil society organizations increase their demand for, and take an active role in seeking high quality services, good governance and the integration of minorities.
  • Outcome II: Diaspora actively contributes to the democratic and social development of Kosovo.2


Project proposals shall at least address one of the priority intervention fields below:

  1. Increased civic activity in influencing the priorities, planning and decision making of local and central government;
  2. Increased civic activity in monitoring with the aim of requesting accountability for the shortcomings identified at the local and central government;
  3. Higher participation in budgeting, with special emphasis on women and minority community inclusion;
  4. Fair and transparent elections;
  5. Better social, economic, cultural integration between the majority and minority communities;
  6. Improvement of gender equality in education, job positions and public life;
  7. Contribution of Kosovo media and civil society in decision‐making and policy‐drafting processes that will reflect and implement social and political rights of Diaspora.

Applications for project grant can be submitted at any time, and there is no application deadline.


The deadline for institutional grant applications will be announced for every specific call forapplications. Within one year, at least one call for institutional grant applications is envisaged. Please refer to the relevant call for institutional grant applications for the valid application deadline at the link www.kcsfoundation.org/dsp.


For your information, each application for the DSP granting scheme is individually reviewed and is evaluated in competition with other applicants. Due to the receipt of a large number of applications, DSP does not foresee providing detailed answers for unsupported applications.


Once a thorough assessment of your application is complete, you will be notified of the decision. There is no need to contact KCSF for updates on the status of your application.


Any question you may have on the preparation of applications or grant application details can be sent via e‐mail at [email protected].


You can also visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/DSPKosovo.