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Grants Fund for Civil Society

General purpose of the Grants Fund for Civil Society is to support civil society initiative aimed at developing democratic change and contribution to the process of European integration.

Key areas to be affected by this fund include the capacity of civil society and its internal governance, sustainable and strategic partnerships within civil society and with other sectors as well as a favorable environment for the functioning of civil society.

Within the program of development of civil society through its Fund Grants, KCSF is committed to support civil society initiatives for innovative and creative projects, which focus on the development of civil society.

In this context, in November of 2009 KCSF has launched a call for applications with proposals affecting the above areas, during which it received 36 project proposals from various non-governmental organizations. On November 2, 2009, the Board of Directors of KCSF evaluated the proposals and decided to support 14 of them, of which 6 were in the context  of supporting  the development of civil society in Kosovo, while the other 8 support within the European integration process.

Specifically the Civil Society Fund Grant of KCSF in the framework of civil society development has supported the following projects, which reach a total of EUR 222,461.00 and are being implemented during 2010:


Name of the organization impementing the project

Project Title

Amount financed by KCSF


Association for Finance and Accounting Services (AFAS)

"Increase in financial reporting of NGOs"

     €  20,000.00


Movement FOL

"Strengthening the triangular dialogue against the abuse of public authority between the institution of Ombudsman, the Assembly and Civil Society"

 €    25,550.00


Lepsa Buducnost  

 “Empowered Woman– Powerful Woman”

€       5,000.00


Assembly of the Congress of Bosniac Intellectuals of Kosovo (VKBIK)

 “Get Involved and Choose”

 €    15,000.00


Handicap Kosova

“Our Voice””

 €     10,000.00


Kolo Srpskih Sestara

"Women's Education Information and Representation Centre"

 €    10,000.00



"Strengthening the rule of law in Kosovo"

€     15,000.00


Kosovar Center for Gender Studies

"Summer School for European integration from a gender study perspective"

€     15,000.00


Resource Center of Integration in the EU (EUIRC)

"Europeanization of local government"

€     15,400.00


Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN)

“Strengthening public debate about the process of integration of Kosovo into the European Union"

€     15,000.00


Democratic Institute of Kosovo(KDI)

"Monitoring the implementation of the Action Plan of European Partnership for Kosovo"

€     15,000.00


Center for Peace and Tolerance (CPT)

Capacity building for municipalities with a Serb majority in order to attract IPA funds and the establishment of consultative mechanisms in decision-making

€     20,000.00


Foreign Policy Club

Reaching faster European integration in the region

€      20,000.00



"Doku in Europe - and a special program for films about the EU in the documentary film week of the festival DOKUFEST”

€     21,511.00

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